Cognitive resources can help with concentration, memory, decision making, planning and learning new things.

Word-Finding Difficulties? Learning a language might help.
One of our contributors noticed they were having more difficulty with word-finding (also known as anomia or anomic aphasia). They were struggling to find the right words and resorting to "you know the thing?". Or the wrong word was coming out by accident. Like many FND symptoms, it was worse when they were fatigued, in lot of pain or feeling strong emotions. You might not know that when learning a new language, most people switch back and forth between the new language and their native la…
Memory – medications and exercise
The MyTherapy App ( is promoted as a medication reminder and tracker app but it can be handy for so much more. You can add one-off entries for medication, measurement (think blood pressure, blood sugar), lab values (blood test results), activity or symptom check (fatigue or pain scale anyone?). Better yet, set up a schedule and this app will politely nag you until you confirm you've taken the meds or measurement, done the activity or recorded your symptoms. If y…
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