Loop Earplugs (Loops)

The loop earplugs, a carry case and the four sizes of ear tips
Image credit: au.loopearplugs.com

Many people with FND become more sensitive to sound. Some people can be triggered by loud or unexpected noises. Others find that busy environments such as a shopping centre or a pub can cause sensory overload. In such situations, filtering out the unwanted noise can be extremely difficult. One possible solution is loop earplugs (loops).

Loop earplugs help you avoid sensory overload by reducing annoying or loud sounds.There are different loops available for you to select the level of noise reduction you are looking for. From attending a concert to just getting a good night of undisturbed sleep. Loop earplugs have been designed to reduce sound without effecting sound quality.

Loop earplugs are reusable. They are easy to clean and also come with a number of ear tip sizes to ensure your pair has a perfect snug fit. A variety of colours are available so you can be as bright or as discrete as you wish.

Loop earplugs: https://au.loopearplugs.com/

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