“Council Cabs” Taxi Service


Information on SEQ Council Cabs for seniors, pension/concession card holders and people with disability requiring mobility assistance

A woman smiling in the passenger seat of a taxi

Many councils in South East Queensland offer a very helpful taxi transport option for seniors and people with disability.

The “Council Cabs” service organises individual or shared taxis at scheduled times for residents who find it difficult to get to their local shops to do essentials such as grocery shopping, banking and using post office services.

Using “Council Cabs” can help to regain independance. Getting out and about is important for your wellbeing. Whether shopping or socialising, the trip out of the house can be a welcome break.

“Council Cabs” are a heavily discounted taxi service that usually operates from your door to a designated shopping centre for as little as $1.00 – $2.50 each way. Carers and children under your care often are allowed to travel with you in the taxi for free. You can also request a Wheelchair Accessible Council Cab for your journey.

Things to check before using the “Council Cabs” taxi service

Please check with your local Council Cabs service as some have a limit on the number of shopping bags you can take. You will need to check service schedules to see how frequently or what days they run.

You may need to allow some extra time to register before using the service for the first time.

Certain times of the year get pretty busy, especially during occasional events and around Christmas, some services can be disrupted, so remember to check ahead for service details at these busy times.

Here are some helpful links to find information by service area:

If you know of additional Council Cab services, please let us know via the Contact Us link.